Terms and Conditions for Music Minds Nigeria Reality TV Show

1. General Conditions

1.1 Concept/Scope

a) This concept shall be used for the conduct of musical instruments (Instrumentation Singing Competition)
b) Age from 10years – 35years

1.2 Appearance

a) Contestant(s) who is interested must come for the main show in September 2021 if selected among 64 contestants
b) Only feeding, costumes and accommodation will be provided to selected 64 contestant.

2. Obligation


a) The video submitted can only be use for the purpose of music minds reality Tv show
b) Your details will also be share to public view for transparency of the show
c) Voting shall be conducted online for the audition to select 64 contestants for the main show
d) Vote cost 50 naira and you can vote as many times as possible
e) No refund on any vote carried out on the platform.
f) Payment gateway is secured by flutterwave
g) The contestants shall adhere to the rules and regulations by the organizers

3.Award of Prizes

3.1 Award the committed prizes on the concluding day of the show

a) Cash prizes of N10,000,000 naira shall be awarded to the winning band
b) Brand new set of musical instruments for the winner
c) Award the committed prizes on the concluding day of the show.

6. Penalties

6.1 In the event of violation of any terms and conditions herein above mandated, the Authority shall impose eviction to the contestant

7. Agreement

The contstant hereby agrees to abide by the terms and conditions for Music Minds Nigeria .