About Us

Music Minds Nigeria, a different type of music talent show which stands out from the regulars, a talent show which focuses on what makes a complete musician, a talent show organized for musical instrumentalists across Nigeria, showcasing the individual talents of the contestants, merging them as a band and promoting the winning band to take its performance beyond the grass-root level.

Aims of The Competition

The aims of the competition are:

• To create a musical instrumental band
• To encourage talented musical instrumentalists
• To help contestants improve their musical skills
• To encourage team bonding
• To help develop each contestant in the area of creativity and originality
• To introduce a new concept of music that incorporates the melody of musical instrumentation with the infusion of youthfulness

The musical instruments that will be open for online audition are:


1. Talking Drum
2. Omele
3. Bata
4. Conga
5. Piano
6. Other Instruments


1. Trumpet
2. Saxophone
3. Trombone
4. Tuba
5. French


1. Clarinet
2. Piccolo
3. Flute
4. Recorder


1. Violin
2. Lead guitar
3. Bass guitar

Auditions (36 States)

Online Audition: Performance and Judging, the judges have the task of choosing 64 contestants that would perform in the competition proper. The contestants will be given 30 seconds each to play tunes from any two musical instruments of their choice, and submit online after which your votes and judges would decide if the contestant is good enough for proper competition.

Target Participants

Music Minds’ is open to everyone above the age of 10 - 35 who can play at least two musical instruments.

Produced by
Fullhouse Entertainment Ltd